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February 5, 2024

If a delay in flight at Spirit is causing chaos in your head, do not feel so. That’s because Spirit Airlines offers a full refund for your flight delay.

The unexpected delay in the flight not only ruins your itinerary but can leave you in wonder. There could be nothing worse than missing an important event because of delay. Although it leads to frustration and anger, you don’t need to feel like this as the reason could be anything that is uncontrollable. The Spirit understands the frequent delays in your Air journeys. Therefore, it offers refunds and various compensation for circumstances that are under the airline’s control. So, go through the essential guidelines for Spirit Flight Delay Compensation, delay policy, etc. in the below lines.

What is Spirit Airlines’ Delay Policy?

If you want to know how the Spirit Airlines Delay Policy can help you? You must read the below lines. The guidelines can help you in finding possible options available to you after a flight delay. Go through these policies before starting your journey. However, if you missed out before, read it now. The delay policy can provide relief for various flight delay lengths and missed flights. So, go on a quick tour of the following texts.

  • Spirit Airlines will rebook for you on the first flight if a schedule irregularity causes a delay in your flight. Though the rebooking will not cost you any extra bucks, you must have a confirmed seat to qualify for rebooking.
  • Also, You can request a refund in case of delay due to schedule irregularity.
  • In case, Spirit Airlines flight delay spans for more than 2 hours, the airline may provide accommodation, refund, or voucher.
  • The airline may refuse to refund for delay or cancellation when the situation is not in their control such as severe weather, Air Traffic Control decisions, or other issues.

Does Spirit Provide Compensation for Delayed Flights?

Does Spirit Airline provide compensation for delayed flights? Well, It depends on the delay length and cause that leads to missing your flight. The airline can provide you with a meal voucher, accommodation, a future travel credit, or a full refund as compensation. However, you must meet specific criteria to avail of these compensations. Scroll down to find more details.

  • Compensation as a Voucher: The airline will provide you with a food voucher if the delay time extends to three hours or more. You can redeem food vouchers for food only.
  • Compensation as Accommodation: When a flight delay time extends to another day. The airline will provide an overnight stay in a hotel and transport to reach the venue.
  • Compensation as Free Rebooking: The airline reeboks you to another flight for free in the following cases.
  • When you fail to onboard your connecting flight because of a delay in a previous flight.
  • The airline cancels your ticket for a reason that is in their control
  • When the airline changes your flight schedule or changes routes because of a certain reason.

How to Apply for a Refund When a Flight is Delayed at Spirit Airlines?

Do you want to apply for a refund at Spirit? You can do it easily in various ways. The airline provides online and offline methods to submit a refund request. However, processing the refund depends on the airline as it refunds only when they are responsible for the delay or cancellation of the flight. The easy refund process can be initiated in the following ways.

  • Online Method: In the online method you need to submit the refund request form at Spirit Airlines. You can access the link to Spirit’s Refund Request form here https://customersupport.spirit.com/en-US/create-case/?wifi=true.
  • Through Call: Speak to Spirit Airline at 855-728-3555. The IVR process will take you on a live call with the Spirit Customer Associate or representative. Here, you can raise your concern and request for a refund.
  • Through Mail: Write a mail to Spirit Airlines for a refund addressing ATTN Guest Care 2800 Executive Way Miramar, FL 33025.

How Much Spirit Airlines Flight Compensation Cost?

Spirit Airlines flight compensation can cost you in the range from €250 to €600. The compensation amount depends on the distance. See the full compensation cost in the table below.

Travel Distance Flights Type Compensation Amount (Per Person)
<1500 km All Flights Up to €250
>1500 km Domestic Flights within the EU Up to €400
1500 – 3000 km International EU flights Up to €400
>3500 km International EU flights Up to €600

Spirit Airlines Flight Compensation Rules

Spirit Airlines has the following compensation rules for delayed flights, canceled flights, flight disruptions, and failed onboarding due to overbooking. Go through the below lines for more details about compensation rules.

  • Spirit Airlines can offer compensation for the below conditions.
  • When the flight is delayed by more than 3 hours.
  • The airline refuses you to onboard because of overbooking.
  • In the case when the airline cancels your flight because of any reason.
  • The airline can refuse to compensate when a flight is disrupted because of any uncontrollable reasons.

How to Apply for Spirit Flight Delay Compensation?

If you seek flight compensation at Spirit Airlines then you have various platforms to apply for. Spirit Airlines allows online as well as offline methods to apply for compensation. Learn the applying method with both channels in the following texts.

Apply for Compensation Online Through the Website

  • Visit the Spirit Airline official website or click the link https://www.spirit.com/.
  • Here, log in to Spirit Account through the ‘Sign In’ link on the Top right of the menu bar.
  • Choose the reservation against which you wish to apply for compensation.
  • Fill in the compensation request form and attach the supporting documents as proof.
  • Take a review of the filled-in details and submit it finally.

Apply for Compensation Offline Through Phone Number

  • Make a call on the Spirit phone number 855-728-3555.
  • Here, explore the IVR options to speak with a live person at Spirit.
  • Now, raise the compensation request on the call with valid proof (if possible).
  • Work with the representative on details until they put your request in process.
  • Finally, get confirmation from the representative upon successful submission of the compensation request.


In the end, if you are feeling stuck in between the flight delay or need more information, call Spirit Customer Service for help. The helpful customer associate at 855-728-3555 can resolve your concern smoothly. Also, if you wish you can ask for a refund or negotiate for better compensation.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Will Spirit compensate if the flight is delayed by two hours?
Spirit offers compensation when the flight is delayed by 3 hours or more. However, the airline may provide food vouchers or refreshments when the delay is about 2 hours.
Does Spirit provide money as a refund or credit points?
Spirit Airlines provides a refund in the form in which you made the original payment. If the payment is made in cash then the airline may provide a cheque or credit points.
How to claim compensation for delayed flights with Spirit?
You can claim compensation for delayed flights with Spirit through multiple means. In the online method, you can claim through the official website or App while in the offline method through the phone number.
Does Spirit compensate for delayed flights?
Yes, Spirit Airlines compensates for delayed flights when they are responsible for delays. But there is no compensation for the delay beyond their control.
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