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February 8, 2024

United Airlines Change Flight Policy

Already stuck in a work or family chaos? Don’t get stressed; you can change your flight itinerary anytime before the scheduled departure. We know that changing the already-planned journey can be daunting. But United Airlines change flight always works in your favor if you understand the necessary rules.

In short, you must be aware of the complete knowledge of changing the tickets for your destination to avoid any extra fees. Airlines understand your situation and grant you the right to modify the dates according to the fare conditions. In the following article, you can easily explore the complete information.

How do I Change my Flight on United Airlines?

Changing the reservation is quite easy with United Airlines. They offer multiple ways to change the trip, as given below.

Online flight change:

One of the best and most straightforward ways is to change flight tickets online. You must look at the following points to modify the dates before flying.

  • Visit the United Airlines official website at www.united.com.
  • After that, log into your account or reservation at My Trips.
  • Provide the reservation number and the lead passenger’s surname.
  • Locate the journey and get the list of flights.
  • Choose the suitable itinerary you want to change.
  • Click on the Change Flight button from the menu page.
  • Add the new dates, times, and destinations, if any.
  • See the available flights along with the prices.
  • Pick the preferred flight according to your preferences and prices.
  • Get the seat map for the seats or choose the same seats.
  • Pay the fees and the fare difference to change the dates.
  • Obtain the confirmation message immediately in your mail.
  • United Airlines sent you the new ticket number.

Change Flight Offline:

Besides the online changes, you can also communicate with the customer service team to change the travel. For this, dial the United Airlines change flight phone number at 1-800-UNITED-1 (1-800-864-8331) and speak with the human. When you talk with the representative, you can ask about your queries and change the itinerary. They are professional in their work and give you the best travel dates to fly again.

Use the United Mobile App:

Passengers can also use the mobile application to easily change the dates from anywhere worldwide.
You need to follow the below points to change United Airlines flight through the mobile app.

  • At the United website, download the mobile app.
  • Log into the account on the mobile app.
  • When you access the reservation, go to My Bookings.
  • You need to follow the on-screen instructions for the changes.
  • Select the dates, get the seats, and make the payment.
  • Receive the confirmation immediately and enjoy the journey.
  • With the help of these ways, you can easily obtain the best dates. However, you can reach the airport counters directly to make same-day changes if possible.

What is the United Airlines Change Flight Policy?

Do you want to avoid the flight change fees? Then you must understand the necessary rules to change the trip. Now you know that you can change the flight journey online or by calling the customer service team.

Following are the points for United Airlines change flight policy for your travel.

  • If a passenger seems to change the flight on the same day of the purchase, they don’t need to pay any charges.
  • As per the same-day changes of the purchase, you must get the ticket within a week of the departure.
  • Sometimes, you face medical issues or emergencies due to which you need to change the journey.
  • In this case, you do not need to pay any fees or charges.
  • Passengers who utilize the portion of the fight ticket cannot make the changes.
  • In the same-day standby changes, you need to pay the necessary fees.
  • When you modify the itinerary, you need to pay the fare difference as well as the fees.
  • In the basic economy tickets, you cannot make the changes.
  • But you can pay the basic economy fees to modify the itinerary.
  • If you have booked a vacation package, you are eligible to pay the alternate charge or a subsequent time for changes.

How Much Does it Cost to Change a Flight to United Airlines?

If you change the United flight after 24 hours, you are required to pay the fees. However, United Airlines change flight fees vary on the booking, destination, travel dates, trip type, and much more. Here are the criteria for the fees for each travel type.

  • Basic economy tickets: you cannot change the basic economy flight ticket for the booking.
  • Refundable fares: The flight change fees for this travel type can be between $0 and $50.
  • Non-refundable fares: you can pay the charges vary between $75 to $200 as per the destination.

What to Know About United Airlines Same-Day Flight Change?

You get to know about your business meeting on the departure date. You can’t miss the business meet-up due to which you need to make the United same-day flight change for your vacation.
The below points are about the same-day change policy for your destination.

  • Premier gold, platinum, and 1k members are not eligible for any same-day flight change fees.
  • For the premium silver and mileage plus members, they need to pay fees of $75.
  • In the same-day changes, if the original class is not accessible, you must pay the fare difference.
  • All the passengers will acquire the new flight within 24 hours of the same-day change.
  • If you change the flight on the same day, you don’t get the seats, then you can stand by till the next available seats.
  • The same-day change is available last upto 60 minutes prior to the scheduled departure.


Thus, according to the above information, you can modify the trip according to your needs. If you indulge in a situation, you can convey the troubles to the customer service team. You need to call United Airlines, change flight phone number at 1-800-UNITED-1 (1-800-864-8331), and follow the IVR commands. A representative helps you change the booking over the phone.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Does United allow free flight changes?
Yes, United Airlines passengers can change their booking within 24 hours to avoid any fees. But you only need to pay the fare difference.
How many days before the United Airlines flight can you change the date?
You can change the dates upto 60 minutes before the scheduled departure. You are subject to the applicable fees.
What types of United tickets cannot be changed?
Changes to basic economy and non-refundable fares are not allowed after 24 hours of the booking. However, you need to pay the applicable fees.
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