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February 12, 2024

Sometimes travel plans may encounter unexpected challenges which lead to missed flights and inconvenience for the passengers. United Airlines Missed Flight policy covers the passengers in such situations and provides assistance. You must be familiar with the right you can avail when you missed your flight.

Similarly, Passengers who have skipped their flight with United Airlines can book the upcoming flight with the same arrival and departure. You can also apply for a refund for the unused portion of your ticket if you do not want to travel on an upcoming flight. This blog will enable you to gain complete knowledge of missed flight policy, rules, processes, fees, and more about United Airlines.

What things happen when you miss a United Airlines flight?

It is important to know about a United Airlines missed flight when you failed to attend your flight. The airline will cancel your ticket unless you check in within the day of departure. Similarly, United Airlines takes the following actions when a passenger misses their flight:

  • United Airlines has the right to hold your seat for 30 min after the take-off of the flight in your absence.
  • Moreover, the airline offers reimbursement for half the value of your ticket when you miss your flight but complete the check-in within 24 hours.
  • Also, they pack back rebooking expenses of $200 in the event of delayed flights.
  • The airline will reschedule your ticket for a different flight when you miss multiple flights in a year due to cancellations or late check-ins.

Note: United Airlines enforces a no-show policy for its passengers who deny to make changes to their flights before the departure time.

What is United Airlines Missed Flight Policy?

United Airlines imposed different policies for missed flights based on the reason for missed flights. It is essential to learn about the United Airlines missed flight policy whenever you miss your flight. Read the below points carefully:

  • United Airlines offers an alternate flight option for travelers who miss their flight.
  • If no other flight options are available, you may be eligible for a travel credit or refund.
  • Moreover, the airline will offer you with multiple amenities such as food, beverages, lounge access when the
  • passengers skip their flight due to a delay of more than two hours.
  • Ensure that the airline will not be responsible for scheduling your flight in case you miss the flight due to being late.
  • You can claim a refund in case your flight is canceled or delayed for up to more than four hours.
  • However, you will get the future credits when you are not eligible to get the refund and use them for your next trip.
  • If United Airlines delays you and you skip your connecting flight, they will usually reschedule you at no extra cost on the upcoming available flight to your destination under the policy of United Airlines connecting flight missed.

Note: Passengers can contact United Airlines customer service team to learn more about the missed flight policy. Moreover, you can communicate with the experts through a phone call, email, social media, chat, form, etc.

What should you do if a United Airlines flight is missed?

You may encounter a missed flight situation when you get stuck in a traffic jam or have an emergency. It may hamper your travel plans, and thus, you may miss your flight. You must learn some certain points for such circumstances that you can do:

  • Search for a new flight: United Airlines will always look for the best alternative for the passengers in case they miss their flight or the flight is delayed. You can visit the official website or directly contact the agents to book a new flight.
  • Rebook your flight: If you missed a flight or your flight is delayed on United Airlines, you are allowed to rebook at no additional fee within a short time. You can seek guidance from the agents to rebook your flight.
  • Join the Standby List: It is better to inform the airline if you realize that you may miss your flight due to any reason. In this case, the airline will put you on the standby list. United Airlines will book your tickets on the upcoming available flight once you join the standby list.
  • Search for Nearby Flights: You can also visit your nearby airports in the event of missed flight. Similarly, you can look for another nearby airport if you are coming from a different city. You can avoid money loss with all these possible things.

How to rebook a missed flight on United Airlines?

If you want to rebook your missed flight, you have various options to confirm the United Airlines missed flight. Here are the steps guide to rearrange your flight.

  • First, go to the official website of United Airlines.
  • Click on the My Trip tab.
  • Then, enter your reservation confirmation number and the last name of the passenger.
  • You will get all your booking list.
  • Select the flight you want to rebook.
  • Now, mention the new flight information and select the flight that suits your preference.
  • Finally, confirm your flight reservation and pay the difference in fare.

Note: If you miss a connection, United Airlines will put you on the next flight with space available.

Call United Airlines Customer Service!

Are you on the way and you realize that you may miss your flight? You must contact the airline representatives through United Airlines missed flight phone number at +1-860-374-7617 and notify them that you will miss your flight. The agents will help you to book a new flight for free to the same destination. Travelers can also get in touch with a live person after missing their flight.

You will have to share your preference with the agent to confirm your new flight and share the reason for missing your flight. Ensure that you can reschedule your flight only if you’re eligible. Pay the applicable fare difference and rebooking fee if required.

How much does United Airlines charge for a missed flight?

Passengers who fail to board their flight on United Airlines are responsible for paying missed flight fees imposed by the airline. However, the fee amount is not specified as it varies and depends on the various types of tickets booked by the passenger.

Fare Type Fee
First Class $50
Business Class $75
Premium Class $100
Economy Class $125
Basic Economy $200

Note: passengers have the chance to rebook their travel in the event of a missed flight change. Besides, this is subject to the seat availability and may impose additional fees or fare differences.

What happens if I don’t show up at the airport?

Suppose you skip your flight with United Airlines and fail to show up at the specified airport, the consequences will be different. Besides, you may get the opportunity to rebook your flight with the upcoming flight only when you inform the airline in advance.

  • United Airlines will mark you as a No-Show if you are not available to board your flight.
  • The airline will forfeit all the money from your flight ticket in this situation.
  • You can avoid this by contacting the airline and notifying them about it.
  • You can also cancel your flight reservation in advance to avoid being a no-show.

Does United Airlines charge a no-show fee?

As we discussed above, United Airlines forfeit your ticket value in case you fail to show up at the airport to attend your flight. Similarly, the airline will not charge any additional fee in the same situation. You can avoid the no-show situation by revoking your flight reservation before taking off the flight. Also, you can get in touch with United Airlines experts to share information about United Airlines missed flight situations. They will surely assist you in finding the solution and will not apply the no-show policy as well.

How to claim for a missed flight on United Airlines?

Passengers can apply for a refund when they miss their flight due to the airline’s fault. The airline allows you to request a United Airlines missed flight refund through its official website or directly connect with the customer service team. You must share the genuine reason for missing your flight with the agents on the call. Travelers can also rearrange their flight with the next available flight for the same destination rather than asking for a refund.

Can I get compensation for missing United flight?

Yes. You can get compensation for missing your United Airlines flight when the passengers are unable to board their flight due to the airline’s fault. In this case, the airline offers United Airlines missed flight compensation or rebooking tickets for free with upcoming flights. If you are eligible for compensation, you must get in touch with the airline or use the official website. Moreover, you may obtain other facilities such as meals, transport, water, and hotel accommodation if you book another flight.


This is how you can deal with United Airlines missed flight situations without any stress. We have discussed the policy rules, the process to book a new flight, fee, and some key points to consider in the same situation. If you still need more guidance, you can anytime get in touch with United Airlines representatives 24/7 to get instant assistance.

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