If you have lost or misplaced anything at the airport, the best option will be to connect with the KLM Airlines Lost and Found department. Worldwide travelers will get all the details or information about the missed baggage, the lost baggage reimbursement fee, and other details.

Moreover, KLM Airlines always tries to provide trouble-free assistance for your lost baggage. However, there are several ways to connect with the Netherbased airline to retrieve your missing items/luggage.

How to Get Your Lost Baggage from KLM Airlines?

Have you lost your baggage or other items while flying with KLM Airlines? Then no need to worry; you can report or connect with the KLM baggage lost and found & submit a missed baggage report. After that, you’ll receive a file reference number to track your missed baggage status.

What are the things Related to the KLM Airline Lost and Found Services?

If you have lost your baggage on the flight, get back in your seat & search for the missing item. Moreover, the flight crew members will also help & if you don’t get it, then visit the lost & found department of the KLM airline & therefore, you can make a complaint for your lost baggage.

How to File a Complaint with the KLM Lost and Found Department?

Have you lost any items while traveling with the KLM airline? But don’t know the ways to file or submit your complaints for the KLM lost and found items, then you can try to follow the below easy steps:

  • Visit the official website of the KLM airline.
  • Now, provide all the misplaced or lost item information.
  • Your contact information.
  • Provide your travel information.

What to do If any Item is Missing in your Check Bags with KLM Airlines?

  • Suppose you find out something is missing from your check bags then follow these steps:
  • Inform the missing item for the checked bags to the KLM lost & found department.
  • However, a representative from the same department will provide you with a reference number & need to submit the case within a month.
  • At last, you may also need to fill in the KLM airline baggage claim.

How to Reach Out to the KLM Customer Service Lost and Found?

If you need assistance from the live person at the KLM lost & found office, then below are the different ways to connect for the different problems:

Live Chat:

The passengers can try to contact the airline lost & found through a live chat process. However, provide all the relevant information along with the other required details & get immediate assistance.


You can also try to reach out through the KLM lost and found email as [email protected]. The commuters need to provide all the information about the misplaced item along with the other details like shape, size, color & other details.


The other option includes connecting to the airline on WhatsApp. It’s among the most convenient options to send your lost & found quarries.

How can I contact Klm Customer Service Lost and Found?

You can dial the KLM Lost and Found contact number +31 20 333 0333 & speak to an airline live representative. However, they’ll provide all the essential details related to baggage delays, inform you about KLM’s lost and found policy, time to contact & other information.

Till How Many days does KLM Airlines keep your Missed Baggage?

If KLM Airlines finds you lost baggage, the airline keeps it for a few days per the rules. Moreover, if there isn’t any response from the owner, they close the report for the missed item.

Does KLM Airline Help if You Lose Your Pet Airport or Flight?

No confirmed reports about the KLM airline lost and found dog quarries exist. Here, you can connect with KLM Airlines & get more details if you have lost your pet. You’ll get the best assistance if the airline provides such services.

KLM lost & found hassle-free service:

The airline is known for offering the best air & inflight services; apart from that, it also provides you with a convenient lost & found service to report your missing items.
However, if you are boarding a flight or getting off at the same airport & somehow you missed anything, then immediately head to the respective department & report your problem.

Explain the KLM airline lost & found policy.

If you plan to fly with KLM Airlines, most travelers have several concerns about lost baggage. So, you need to know about points related to the lost & found item.

  • The first point says not to keep their essential or expensive items in bags.
  • However, before arriving at the airport, check whether your bags or luggage are not damaged anywhere.
  • According to the KLM lost & found policy, it is better to keep notes along with their luggage where they need to mention their names & contact details to help get their luggage easily.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is the number for KLM lost and found?
You can dial & connect through +31 (0)20 794 08 00 & inform them about the missing items.
How do I send an email to KLM lost and found?
The passengers can try to send a email at [email protected] or phone call +31 (0) 20 649 0490.
What is the best time to connect with the KLM Airlines lost & found department?
If you have lost your baggage or an item & need to connect with KlM lost & found within seven days of your arrival.
Can I contact the KLM lost & found through WhatsApp?
Yes, the commuters can contact the KLM Airlines lost and found through WhatsApp & mention their different queries.