Faredealspot respects the privacy of the visitors & expects the same in return. Please go through the terms and policies of the website carefully to understand the essential terms mentioned in the clauses related to the information. We value our customers and would love to hear from you in case they have any issues or suggestions regarding the privacy policy.

Please note that if you disagree with this pre-stated privacy policy, then stop using the site immediately. Keep in mind that your further use of the website would be considered as the acceptance of the terms and conditions described herein.


Faredealspot is designed to provide a hassle-free experience and excellent assistance to the passengers regarding any flight-related concern.

In this Privacy Policy, the words like ‘our’, ‘we’ and ‘us’ refers to the Faredealspot whereas, ‘you’, customer’, ‘user’, ‘visitor’, and ‘your’ refers to the person using the website for an intended purpose.

For Faredealspot, the privacy of the user is the utmost priority, which we cannot sacrifice under any circumstances. This privacy policy describes how we make the use of your personal information when you visit the website.

Cookie Policy

In general, cookies are the messages that web servers pass to the web browser when one visits the internet sites. When users browse Faredealspot, our website may drop a cookie to know your browsing history and to improve your browsing experience. It also enhances the performance of the site and displays only relevant advertisements based on your interests and past search records.

Faredealspot uses cookies to understand your preference for the future and filter data and advertisements accordingly. These cookies allow us to offer you the outstanding website browsing experience by enabling us to determine your preferences. Note that these cookies cannot access your device (directly/ indirectly) or your personal information anyhow. Also, it all depends on the user whether he wants to accept cookies or not. Some browsers automatically accept cookies while others seek users’ permission; however, you can change the browser settings accordingly.

Children Policy

Faredealspot is created to assist travelers who are searching for guidance to make flight reservations or to resolve flight-related queries. But, one thing should be noted that we never gather information from children aged less than 13 years or below. We are committed to the children’s privacy and safety on the internet and, therefore, we DO NOT form any agreement or contract with the children whose age is equal to or less than 13 years.

Spamming our website

If any of the user’s query or comment is founded as spam by our automated spam detection system, then we have the right to report the user’s IP and email address. This practice is followed to protect our website from spamming.

Links to Other Websites

You may find several links on the Faredealspot website that will take you to other websites, maintained and operated by third parties. We have no control over those websites and you will have to use them at your own risk. Also, they might use your personal information as per their privacy policy and clauses. Such things are not covered under our privacy policy and, therefore, visitors are advised to go through their terms and conditions before using the information.

Changes in the Privacy Policy

Faredealspot reserves the right to amend or alter the privacy policy without giving any notice or prior information. It is your sole duty to get updated with the site’s privacy terms and clauses from time to time. Moreover, any change to the privacy policy applies to every user using the website until the time visitor withdraws permission to Faredealspot to use the service or data.

If you have any concerns related to the privacy policy, then you can connect with us via email at [email protected]. We will surely respond to all your queries and concerns.