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Apart from that, if you are an active user, you need to keep in mind things that are legal or valid & what you need to avoid.

Uninterrupted accessibility:

First, thanks to our customers for choosing us to book a safe & comfortable trip toward your desired destination. However, the customers can get full information about our different services & other formalities.

Rules & Regulations:

The airfare you find on the Faredeal spot is subject to our travel rules, restrictions & tie-ups with the airline. However, you can go through all the details mentioned on the website.

If there are queries, associate/connect with our 24×7 experts, that can properly guide you through all the air-related services.

Unauthorized Practices:

Meanwhile, booking a flight with a Faredeal Spot has some important key factors you need to consider. Those who agree with our respective terms & conditions are requested to follow all legal/ valid processes for any service.

The customers must provide the appropriate information or make a false accusation about Fare Dealspot.

Cancellation & Compensation:

If you have cancelled a flight by following our official cancellation policy, you will receive it from us. However, you must cancel your trip within 24 hours before the flight departure.

Terms for Abuse & Defamation:

FareDeals Spot will not accept any abuse or defamatory practices on the website. Moreover, you are always welcome to share your positive feedback & request not to create any interference in our business operations.

Right to privacy:

Apart from the other services, protecting your privacy is also among the basic steps of the terms & conditions. However, we assure you FareDeals always protects your privacy related to all sorts of information that you provide.


We don’t compromise with our top quality & standards; however, as a brand, we would never tolerate content duplication from our website.

Privacy violation:

If the customers found the same information on the other website, we request to inform Fairdeals Spot.
Moreover, there are some points to keep in mind:

1. There should be an authorized or valid signature.
2. Provide the details or part of the copyrighted work.
3. You need to send the URL.

Third-party websites:

Fairdeals Spot is also associated with multiple third-party websites. However, we provide you with relevant information about the best & cheapest flights, deals, 24 hrs cancellation or change flight & other essential details.

Best price & deals guaranteed:

If you choose to book a flight from Fare Deals spot, passengers can enjoy your trip at the lowest fares. On the other hand, while booking a trip on a specific occasion, you can book a flight on the best deals.

Travel vouchers:

While paying for the flight booking, we provide travel vouchers so that you can enjoy your trip at the lowest fares & maximum benefits. However, the passengers can sign up with Faredeal Spot & get notifications for promo codes & other deals.

Convenient booking:

Whether you plan for any trip, you are offered different trip booking options and a convenient flight booking process here. However, you need to enter the details & therefore, you can go through a list of different flights & book the one under the budget.

Meals, Seats & Frequent Miles:

One thing which is also important while booking a flight here is if you have requested the preferred seats, inflight meals & miles, then these are not to be confirmed. However, if you have paid any service fee to us for these special services, it’s non-refundable.

On the other hand, for more clarity, we don’t guarantee to provide a preferred seat if you have booked & the same policy is applicable for meals along airline frequent flyer programs. If you have any concerns/ queries about them, the best thing will be to talk to the airline’s live person.

They’ll provide you with all the confirmed information & other ways to book & enjoy these services.

Payment transfer decline:

Suppose your credit or debit card gets declined & obstructs the payment process, then the customers will be informed within 72 hrs. However, you are requested to refrain from booking another flight or panic, as we’ll try to process the payment within 24 hrs.

Moreover, if the payment isn’t unsuccessful, you can not view the flight booking details. If the cost increases, travellers can cancel their booking without any service fee.

Baggage Policy:

Now, if you are flying with excessive luggage, then it’s mandatory to pay the extra fee offered by the airline. According to the latest updates, most airlines have imposed a fee on first checked-in baggage.

So, if the flyer doesn’t wish to pay the fee for the same, it’s better to fly with minimum or light baggage. Although, if you wish to check the airlines’ baggage fee, visit the Faredeal spot Baggage fee page.

Overbooked flights:

Sometimes, multiple flights are overbooked & the travelers may not get the seat if they have a confirmed reservation. So, it’s better to go through the airline rules to get more information & avoid unnecessary panic situations.

Moreover, you can also connect with the airline live executive, who can help you by providing more information.

Unaccompanied minor:

It’s quite a big step for any parent to allow their children to fly alone. On the other hand, different airlines have their own set of policies & rules related to unaccompanied minors. However, there is an age barrier that you need to keep in mind along with the requirements.

Visa Application:

While flying to other nations, commuters must go through a proper document verification process. Moreover, it’s important to know about terms and conditions all the required documents to be submitted to apply for the visa.

On the other side, FaredealSpot will not be responsible for any documentation error. However, you can connect with the airline if you need other details about the visa-related procedure.

General information:

It’s better to contact the airline directly to confirm the flight booking & other services before the departure date. However, this will help you to avoid unnecessary issues.