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July 20, 2023

Sometimes people think of traveling in a group along with their friends, colleagues, family members, etc. For this reason, making reservations with Emirates group travel is the best decision. Also, the airline permits the passengers to book their group journey per their needs. Moreover,  Emirates provides various perks and a simple booking process for the ease of its travelers. Book your group travel with Emirates today and discover the difference for yourself!

How to Book Group Travel Tickets for Emirates?

When you have decided to get a group booking, there must be a minimum of 10 passengers on the trip. Airlines provide multiple methods to get a group reservation for the preferred destination. Read out the following ways for a smooth booking procedure and get assistance.

By Official Site

  • Visit the official website of the airline.
  • Navigate to the group booking section.
  • Here, you will acquire a form that must be filled with all group members’ complete and correct information.
  • Also, mention when you have a special service requirement.
  • At last, click on the Submit button once you have added all the details and review all the information you gave.

Note: Travelers can also dial an Emirates group travel phone number to get help, and the agents will assist in booking your flight for your group, along with helping you to become familiar with the ongoing discounts.


Apart from online, you can also share the group details directly by email and obtain help. Write in detail about the group booking requirements, such as the number of travelers, destination, dates, seating, etc., and send it to [email protected]. A representative will connect with you in some time.

Follow on Social Media:

Emirates Airlines is also available on social media sites that you can follow to connect. Reach the experts on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook to ask about the group reservation.

Phone Number:

  • Dial the Emirates airlines group booking phone number at +1 800 777 3999 or 1-860-374-7617
  • Listen to the automated voice commands promptly.
  • Choose the preferred button.
  • Once you connect with the representative, get help for the group booking.
  • Provide your group details to them.
  • Obtain the best offer for the journey and make the payment.
  • They will send you immediate confirmation.

What are the Types of Group offered by Emirates?

Once you plan the trip, you must know about the types of groups that airlines offer to the passengers. Here are the details of all the groups you can consider.

Hajj and Umrah:

If you are flying with family or friends for a special occasion, consider this group type. You will have complete peace of mind, focus on enjoyment, and avoid any distractions.

School trip:

Getting group travel for schoolchildren is a tricky task. Emirates will always help the guardians and teachers enjoy the trip with the students as much as possible.

Sports team:

Buckle up your belts and focus on the game, as the rest will be handled by the Emirates itself. Just provide the passports and team flags to get the group booking.

Corporate travel:

Everyone needs a break from the daily chaos and wants to be fresh at the workplace. Take your team or colleagues on a vacation or trip with Emirates and book the stress-free travel.

What are the Guidelines for Emirates Group Travel Booking?

Below are the terms and conditions that you need to follow when you are going to book a flight for your grouping. Further, read the below points carefully.

  • The members of the group should travel on the same reservation and must be up to ten or above.
  • In addition, You must inform the airline up to 24 hours before the scheduled departure when one of your group members wishes to enjoy an add-on service during travel.
  • Additionally, you must contact Emirates airlines up to 7 days before the planned departure when you wish to book the seats as per your requirements.
  • Similarly, you can contact the airline 30 days before the scheduled departure date if you want to obtain a special language crew.
  • Inform airlines before 15 days for a minimum notice for personalized menus.
  • For any specific meal requirements, inform customer service at least 24 hours before the scheduled departure while making your booking.

Benefits of Booking Emirates Group Travel Service:

Group travelers are entitled to the multiple benefits of flying with their partners and loved ones. Read Below:

  • Separate counters are there at the airport for the check-in, as online check-in is not available for group travel.
  • In the advance check-in, emirates will always give priority to the group.
  • Group luggage tags are there so that you can identify the bags easily on arrival.
  • Emirates also arranges the appropriate visas for the UAE members if they require them to do so for the group.
  • Your group always sits together.
  • To the organization, airlines provide personalized headrests and food menus.
  • Onboard welcome announcements are also there.
  • They meet the special dietary and religious requirements.
  • On most routes, each of the members in the group is eligible for the pre-paid chocolates and celebrity beverages.


Reading the above, you will be eligible to make a group booking. But, if you still have any queries or concerns regarding Emirates group travel booking. Then, you can directly connect with the Emirates customer service department anytime to resolve all your queries.

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