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September 14, 2023

Travelers always wish to book a group trip with their family & friends to enjoy their dream vacation. However, with the help of the Lufthansa Airlines group travel process allows you to book a flight for ten or more passengers towards your desired destinations along with the discounted rates.

What is Group Booking with Lufthansa Airlines?

It is the best way to help you save time & money rather than searching for separate flights & reserving the seats on them. However, you can book all ten members on one flight & enjoy several benefits.

Moreover, you can also keep a record of all the booking details in one place. Lufthansa Airlines offers you an easy flight booking process in different ways.

Can I Book a Group Trip with Lufthansa Online?

Yes, booking group travel on Lufthansa is possible online, as you can do it through the airline’s official website. It’s very easy as you have to provide all the confirmed or correct information while booking a flight. On the other hand, below are the different ways that can help:

  • Visit https://www.lufthansa.com/us/en/homepage
  • Now, click on the menu option.
  • Select the menu option.
  • Look for the group travel and charter.
  • Here, click on group travel.
  • You can click on the group travel option.
  • Moreover, provide the necessary details in the travel request form, such as name, email, departure & return date, fare type, passenger count, etc.
  • Then submit it & after the booking confirmation, you will get a response from the other side.

Explain the Different Terms & Conditions of the Lufthansa Group:

There is no doubt that Lufthansa Airlines Group Travel offers you the best travel experience worldwide. But, while booking a group flight, there are some important points related to its terms & conditions that you need to keep in mind:
First, there should be 10 or more members who will board a group flight.
However, the group travel facility is available on the selected routes.
On the other hand, you must provide all the passengers’ names before 14 days from the scheduled flight departure.

What are the Different Advantages of Lufthansa Group Travel?

Suppose you plan a group trip with the Lufthansa airline for your vacation. In that case, multiple benefits for worldwide passengers make your trip more amazing & worth remembering:

1. Quality service:

If you are flying in a group, you can get the best inflight service; apart from that, they get special assistance along with the meals. On the other side, they get overnight stays & transport facilities.

2. Terms & Conditions:

The passengers can try to modify or cancel their flight’s pre-decided time frame. However, the passenger can cancel up to 20% of the reserved seats for free before 14 days of the departure.

3. Common pricing:

Lufthansa airline has divided the seats to fill them fast & the seating option includes economy, business & others. Although, you may have to pay a different amount for the same seat type.

4. Planning:

The core benefit of the Lufthansa Airlines group travel includes planning, coordinating, booking & organizing a trip without any unnecessary trouble. A single person does not have to bear all the responsibilities while flying in a group.

How Much in Advance can you Book a Group trip with Lufthansa?

Booking is better to book the preferred cabin & seats in advance. So, if you wish to book a flight for ten or more passengers, do it 344 days in advance, or the minimum period will be 28 days in advance to avoid unnecessary problems.

How to get the best deals on booking a group flight?

The best way is to look for the cheapest days & set a price alert. Apart from that, the flyers can also connect with a Lufthansa group travel agent who can help you with the different ways to book a group trip at the lowest fares.

Can I make a group flight booking on call?

If you want to make a Lufthansa group booking on call, then dial the official contact number as +1 (516) 738-4422. You need to follow the IVR commands & press the relevant button that will help to connect with Lufthansa’s live person directly. Inform them about your trip details along with the preferred seats.

Moreover, they may ask you about additional information you must provide them. After going through these things, they will provide you with the best solution.

How can I check in online for the group booking?

You can make a group travel flight check-in at Lufthansa through the official website of Lufthansa Airlines. However, you can also connect with someone in the airline who can guide you through both the online & offline flight check-in process.


If you need to know anything else about the Lufthansa group flight, then contact the official number +1 (516) 738-4422. The customers will be provided with the best assistance.

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