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October 26, 2023

Many travelers desire a comfortable flight experience, especially when they have important meetings scheduled right after landing at their destination. To ensure a memorable journey, it’s essential to choose your seat. However, people often need information about when and how they can pick their seats. Alaska Airlines offers passengers the freedom to select seats that suit their comfort. Passengers can access an Alaska Airlines seating chart to help in their seat selection process. Read this blog to get a complete overview of Alaska Airlines seat selection facility.

What is Alaska Airlines Seat Selection Policy?

Alaska Airlines allows passengers to choose their preferred seats. You can pick a seat while making a reservation. Moreover, the seat selection service is subject to specific guidelines. Read the following point to get an overview of the airline’s policy.

  • As per the standard policy, the airline assigns seats during the reservation process, but passengers still have the flexibility to choose their preferred seat.
  • Travelers flying with Alaska Airlines can pick their desired seats at the time of booking and anytime during the check-in process.
  • In addition, the airline offers paid premium seats that can be confirmed during the seat selection procedure.
  • This service is accessible for all ticket types except Saver.
  • If a passenger opts for an economy seat, they won’t incur any additional charges for selecting their favorite seat.
  • Moreover, Alaska customers have the option to use the Seat selection service at a KIOSK or the check-in counter.

How Can I Choose an Alaska Seat After Booking a Flight?

If you have already made your flight reservation with Alaska Airlines. Then, you have the option to choose your seat without any extra cost. You can log into your Alaska Airlines account or by accessing the “Manage trip” section. You can also follow the steps to select a seat after booking.

  • Visit the Alaska Airlines website.
  • Find the Manage Trip option in the menu.
  • Then, enter the last name and e-ticket number.
  • Then click “Continue.”
  • You’ll see your booking details on the screen.
  • Click on the specific flight segment you want to choose a seat for.
  • Click Select Seats to pick your preferred seat from the seat map.
  • Suppose you have any special requirements, like needing a wheelchair or a bassinet.
  • Then, you can click on Request Special Services and provide the information.
  • Confirm your selections and click “Save Changes.”

Alaska Airlines Seat Assignment at Check-in:

If you choose online check-in within 24 hours of your flight’s departure, you have the opportunity to select your seats at no extra cost during this process. Here’s a guide on how to request Seat Selection with Alaska Airlines during online check-in:

  • Visit the Alaska Airlines website.
  • Then click on Check-In in the menu.
  • Provide the “Departure city” in the designated field.
  • Retrieve your booking by entering the E-ticket number or Confirmation code.
  • Click the “Check-in” button.
  • Select the flight segments for which you want to choose seats.
  • At this point, you can access a seat map displaying available seats for your flight.
  • You can click on any open seat to make your selection.
  • You can filter your preference for your favorite seat on the seat map.
  • After choosing your seat, click “Continue” to proceed to the next step of the online check-in process.
  • Finally, click on “Check-In” to complete your online check-in and confirm your seat selections.

What Types of Seat Selections are Available on Alaska Airlines?

Alaska Airlines strives to cater to passengers’ needs and ensure their utmost satisfaction by offering a variety of seating options for a comfortable journey.

Saver Fare:

  • Saver fare allows you to save significantly on your travel expenses.
  • This includes selecting comfortable Alaska Airlines saver seats and bringing a carry-on bag for free, with the exception of any limitations on seat selection.
  • You can secure the lowest fare and earn more miles by booking through their mileage program.

Main Cabin Seating:

  • Main fares provide you with the flexibility to meet your travel requirements and plans.
  • You won’t encounter change fees up to 24 hours before your scheduled departure.
  • You can choose from well-designed main cabin seats featuring authentic leather and USB power outlets for your convenience.

Premium Class Seating:

  • With these fare options, you enjoy up to 4 extra inches of legroom compared to standard main cabin seats.
  • Flights covering over 350 miles offer complimentary beer, cocktails, and wine.
  • Additionally, you gain priority boarding, access to Alaska Airlines seat assignments, and the privilege of disembarking the plane first.

First Class Seating:

  • First Class offers a luxurious seating experience with ample legroom and priority check-in, setting it apart from other airlines.
  • You can fully relax in custom-designed seats and savor your journey with a glass of wine on the rocks.
  • These leather seats boast an impressive 41″ seat pitch, ensuring a spacious and comfortable trip.

How do you Avoid Alaska Airlines Seat Selection Fees?

If you’re not interested in paying extra for preferred flight seating. Then, there are ways to avoid those high fees and still secure seats. Some are given below:

  • Skip Seat Selection: Alaska Will Automatically Assign You a Random Seat at No Charge if You Don’t Choose One During the Flight Check-in Process.
  • Be a Loyal Customer: You Have the Option to Use an Airline’s Loyalty Program to Select Seats Using Miles. This Won’t Incur Any Extra Fees.
  • Pick Seats Within 24 Hours: According to Alaska Airlines, Selecting Seats Within 24 Hours of Booking is Always Free.
  • Fly on Basic Fare: Basic Fare Passengers Are Not Obligated to Pay Extra Fees for Seat Selection. Airlines Often Fill Empty Seats and Offer Them for Free or at Reduced Prices.

How Much is the Fee to Select the Seats with Alaska Airlines?

The fee for choosing seats with Alaska can vary. It depends on the type of seat and the specific flight route. For the most current and accurate information on seat selection fees. You can get in touch with Alaska Airlines customer service.

  • When booking your flight, choosing a seat is typically free of charge.
  • Passengers with Saver fare tickets do not need to pay a seat assignment fee.
  • Furthermore, first-class passengers are exempt from the Alaska Airlines seat Selection fee.
  • Main fare passengers, however, may be charged a select seat fee if they decide to upgrade to a premium class seat.
  • They can do this by paying an amount that starts at $15.
  • After the initial booking, the airline pick-seat fees can range from 15 to 100 USD, depending on various factors.

What Does the S Mean in Alaska Seat Selection?

The letter “S” in the context of airline fare classes could potentially signify a distinct fare category. Each letter might correspond to various rules regarding changes, cancellations, or mileage accrual. It could also potentially represent a particular type of seat or seating area on the aircraft, such as ‘S’ for a standard seat, although this interpretation is based on speculation.

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