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October 5, 2023

Wondering for the best airlines to book your flight for Group Travel? If so, you can go with Southwest – a pioneering group dealing in airline services. Southwest Airlines Group Travel aims to cater to the traveler’s convenience by ensuring the flexibility of their requirements. People can travel in groups of 10 or more.

Through this explanatory information, we will review intact information that should be acknowledged before booking a flight.

A quick insight into the Southwest Airlines Group Travel

Southwest Airlines has a lot on its plate. They have tried to carve plans according to the client’s necessity or business nature. Straight from “Early Bird Check-In” to seamless “Flight Cancellation,” it is a perfect example of how an airline service provider should be.

One of the programs launched by it is the facility wherein a group of 10 or more people can fly for either Business or Personal purposes. It adds fun to your trip and benefits you with exciting airfares and deals. The core aim of this program is to let people fly out without levying a burden on their pockets.

So, forget worrying about the troubles and welcome a bundle of perks with this program.

Groups catered by Southwest Airlines

The groups that can enjoy the service under this program are:

  • Religious
  • Sports
  • Schools, and
  • Family

Why Book a Group Travel with Southwest Airlines?

Are you perplexed about availing the services provided under this program?

Well, don’t be in chaos. You are making a smart move by booking a trip under Southwest Airlines’ Group Travel program.

The factors justifying the statement are:

  • Zero additional charges: The services rendered under this program are completely transparent. Making a reservation doesn’t mean you need to pay more. Bookings are available at the same cost they would pay when making individual bookings. Further, you can even secure an amazing Southwest Airlines Group Travel discount.
  • Modify passenger names: Passengers can change their names without any restrictions. However, they can make these changes 72 hours before the departure.
  • Easy payment options: The program supports flexible payment options. In addition to this, it doesn’t support any upfront payment for crafting a group reservation.

Seamlessly book your trip with Southwest Airlines Group Travel.

People often hesitate while booking their flights and often take a back step, but it’s not rocket science to reserve a flight. Special emphasis has been laid to make the Group Travel booking process straightforward.

Moreover, Group Travel tickets are issued/reserved electronically.

For the ease of the travelers, the flights can be booked by placing a call at the below-listed Southwest Airlines Group Travel phone number.

  • Domestic Travel: 1(800)433-5368
  • International Travel: 1(800)308-5037

Ways of Booking a Southwest Group Travel

Heading ahead to book a trip with Southwest Airlines Group Travel?

Great!! But before you step ahead, acknowledge how you can reserve a flight.

There are two pathways through which you can do so.

  • Hold a Reservation: Are you still dubious about your Booking? No worries, hold your reservation by paying a deposit of $50 (per passenger). Remember, the only supported payment method for holding a reservation is via a Credit Card. To make a payment, dial 1(800)433-5368.
  • Confirm your Booking at one instance: Have you already submitted the intact details relating to the travel (Say, passenger name and passport info of every member)?

Amazing! Make a payment by connecting with an executive by dialing 1(800)433-5368. The supported payment channels are PayPal, credit card, and UATP before the final due date.

But a Wire transfer is an exemption here. If you are booking through it, you must pay at least 7 Business days before the final due date.

How do you Print Boarding Passes for Southwest Airlines Group Booking?

While preparing to take off the flight, check out all the documents required to ensure a seamless travel experience. One of the most significant documents among them is the boarding pass.

If you haven’t got your boarding pass printed, take the following series of actions:

  • Reach the official website of Southwest Airlines
  • Look for “Retrieve Travel Documents”
  • Accurately provide the confirmation code when asked
  • Mention your full name
  • Hit on “Enter” and wait for a while to get the flight details loaded on your screen.
  • Choose the “Print Boarding Pass” option.
  • Hit on “Print.” Collect your boarding pass and attach it with the other flight documents

Understanding the Southwest Airlines Group Booking Refund

Travelers are provided with a convenience wherein they can make alterations to the details mentioned by them, say passenger name and others. But, the tickets reserved under the group travel are non-refundable.

Modify Passenger Name with the Southwest Group Booking Form

Group reservations are subject to unlimited name changes (passengers) up to 72 hours before departure. Travelers can update the changes by completing and submitting the Excel name template. The basic information that you need to provide include:

  • Group Leader Name
  • Customer Email ID
  • Final Payment Due Date
  • Confirmation Number

Wrapping Up!!

Southwest Airlines Group Travel is a perfect match for those who are looking for budget-friendly and convenient flight services. With amazing lineaments, it benefits passengers in several ways. With its easy-to-navigate website, check the flight availability and get it reserved at amazing prices.

What are you waiting for then?

Explore the world with Southwest Airline Group Travel and cherish moments!!

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

How do I check in a group on Southwest Airlines?
Group passengers traveling with Southwest Airlines can check in online at their website. The boarding process starts 24 hours prior to the scheduled departure for the preferred seats.
What is the number for Southwest group travel?
For group reservations, call on the Southwest Airlines phone number at 1‑800‑433‑5368. A representative on the phone call helps you to get the group reservation.
What are the groups for Southwest?
At the time of flight check-in, you can get the boarding group A, B, or C and position from 1 to 60+. When you get the boarding pass, you can see the unique group number and the boarding gates.
Does Southwest Airlines offer group rates?
If you are traveling with ten or more passengers, then you can choose the group travel program. In this facility, you can enjoy greater flexibility and discounted prices to make your journey affordable.
Is Southwest Boarding Group B good?
Yes, one of the best boarding groups is Group B with Southwest. You can win the chance to get the seats which you want on your travel. Begin with B group is always a better option than any other group.

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