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October 5, 2023

Planning a trip with American Airlines is bustled with several advantages. It is a well-known airline recognized for rendering exceptional flight services.

While planning the layout of your trip, flight booking is also of utmost importance, and one of the factors that travelers often focus on is seat selection.

Sometimes, travelers get disappointed by not getting their preferred seat; thus, to evade these chances, the airline has launched a new policy wherein travelers can choose their preferred seat after navigating through the seat map.

If you are unaware of this newly-launched facility, scroll down the read and gather intact information about “American Airlines seat selection Policy.”

What is the American Airlines Seat Selection Policy?

Starting from the scrap will help you to understand the complete policy in an accurate manner.

So, are you ready to dive deeper into this policy?

Great!! It is one of the best policies wherein the passengers are provided the authority to select their preferred seats after checking out the seat availability.

Passengers can review the vacant seats by reviewing the seat map. Before learning more information, let’s look at this policy’s highlights.

The key Highlights of American Airlines Seating Policy?

Some of the basic attributes of this policy are summarized as follows:

  • Dependent on some factors: The price involved in selecting a seat depends on some factors, say, your destination and the class you choose to travel in.
  • Paid facility: This means that to choose a seat, travelers must pay a certain sum of money to secure their preferred seat.
  • Cancellation charges: Reserved your seat and want to cancel it? You can cancel your booking after paying a cancellation charge.
  • Select seats at check-in: Passengers benefit from the facility of picking up their seats at check-in time.

How Can I Select Seats on American Airlines?

You can select the seats after checking the seat availability. If some vacant seats are reflected on the seat map, you can select a seat of your comfort.

To check the vacant seats, adhere to the following actions:

  • Access the authentic website of American Airlines
  • Input the asked credentials
  • Select your cabin class and route
  • The seat map will then appear on your screen; go through it
  • Pick up your comfort seat

What Actions are Involved in the American Airlines Seat Selection Process?

If you are heading ahead to select your preferred seat based on your convenience and comfort, we are here to list two different processes through which you can reserve a seat.

Passengers can reserve their seats in the following manner:

  • Offline, and
  • Online

Reserving a Seat via Offline Method

If you have opted to pick a seat by following an offline method, then below are the steps:

  • Place a call at 800-433-7300
  • Attentively listen to the prompts of the IVR
  • Take action to get connected with the concerned executive over a call
  • Share the seat selection preference with him
  • Share the flight booking credentials with the executive (when asked)
  • On availability of your selected seats, they will reserve it for you
  • Make the payment and wait for the confirmation

How to Make an American Airlines Seat Selection Online?

Relax back at your home, and book your opted seat hassle-free by following the below-mentioned courses of action:

  • Navigate to the official website of American Airlines
  • From there, head toward the “My Trip” section and accurately mention the asked credentials
  • According to the cabin class, select your seat from the seat map
  • On selecting the seat, provide the asked credentials
  • Further, perform on-screen instructions to get your selected seat confirmed

Can I Make a Seat Selection After Booking or During Check-in?

Yes, the passengers are provided with the facility to easily select their seats even after booking by reaching the “Manage Booking” section located on the airline’s website before departure.

Further, they are also provided a choice to select their preferred seats at the time of check-in but not after check-in.

What is the American Airlines Seat Selection Fee?

To make a seat selection, passengers have to make a certain payment in the form of a fee. However, the fee involved in seat selection at American Airlines varies depending on several factors.

The fee to be paid under below-cases ranges around the following:

  • Economy Standard seats: $9-$10
  • Extra-legroom and main cabin extra seats: $10-$22

Who is Exempted From Seat Selection American Airlines Fees?

  • AAdvantage member
  • The ones who haven’t marked a seat selection

Final Words

Passengers praise American Airlines seat selection policy, and it is undoubtedly bustled with several amazing advantages. Travelers can pick up their seats anytime before check-in. They can reserve their preferred seat either at the time of booking a flight or after it.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Does American Airlines deduct fees for seat selection?
Yes, you must pay the fees for picking the seats, which range between $25 to $200, as per the trip class and flying location. The fees for extra legroom seats on long-haul international flights can be higher.
Can you pick your seats for free on American Airlines?
You can acquire the specific seats for free at any time before the scheduled departure. If you are a member of the American Airlines frequent flyer program, you can receive free seats according to the elite level or tier status.
Why can’t I select a seat on American Airlines?
If you cannot choose the seats in time at the time of reservation, you can choose till nearer to the departure. However, American Airlines can also allot a random seat to you at the time of check-in or flight boarding.
How do I avoid paying for American Airlines seat selection?
If you don’t want to pay any seating fees, then you can fly with the group and obtain the seats at the same time. If airlines assign you a random seat, then it is also free of cost.
What are the American Airlines preferred seats?
American Airlines Seats in the main cabin, which have extra legroom and ample space, are the preferred seating. If you want to pick these seats, you must pay some extra fees. AA frequent flyer members can earn this type of seat for free.

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