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December 29, 2023

When you get to the flight journey, the most important thing that comes to your mind is where you will be sitting on the plane? United Airlines allows passengers to select the seats on the scheduled trip. For the United Airlines seat selection, you must be aware of the availability and policy.

You can avoid the seating cost by getting the seats at the time of booking. United understand the passengers needs and deliver the multiple seating options. To maintain a smooth and safe travel journey, look at the given information and enhance the experience.

How to Use the Online Method to Pick a United Airlines Seat?

One of the fastest and best ways to acquire seats is the online strategy. This method helps you to confirm the seats before the scheduled departure from your destination.

Follow the easiest steps below and get the procedure for seat selection United Airlines in the preferred class.

  • Locate to the United Airlines online site at www.united.com.
  • Select the book option from the top.
  • Add the trip type and travel class to search the flights.
  • Insert the travel dates and number of passengers.
  • After that, choose the departure and arrival destination.
  • Search the flights and get the appropriate list.
  • Choose the preferred flight and proceed further.
  • Add the seats for all the passengers from the seat map.
  • Provide the passengers with information and pay.
  • Get the affirmation mail from United Airlines.

Can you Call United Airlines for Seat Selection?

Yes, you can talk to United Airlines customer service to choose the seats for the preferred destination. Here is how it works to call the airlines for seats.

  • On the United website, open the contact section.
  • Select the topic and acquire the modes to connect.
  • Choose the phone icon and get the country/region.
  • Add the preferred country to obtain the phone number.
  • You must call the United Airlines phone number at
  • Follow the IVR voice commands carefully.
  • Choose the suitable button and connect with the representative.
  • A representative will be there with you immediately.
  • Ask your queries regarding the seat selection and obtain the best seats.

What is the New Seating Policy for United Airlines?

You booked the seats, but you are not aware of the new seating policy, isn’t it? Read the given points of United Airlines seat selection policy that helps you to choose the wider seats in multiple forms according to the travel class.

  • Travelers have the option to choose the seats at booking, after the reservation, or at flight check-in.
  • In the emergency exit seats, you must be medically fit to handle the situations of emergency.
  • Senior citizens and children traveling alone are advised to get seats at the airport counters.
  • After check-in, you cannot choose the seats.
  • United assigns the random seats if you do not do the same for free.
  • If you choose the seats after 24 hours except business class, you need to pay the extra fees.
  • Use the miles to pick your favorite seats for free in any of the travel classes.
  • Apart from basic economy, you can choose or change the seats anytime after reservation.
  • Once the airline assigns the seats, you cannot change the same.
  • However, you can upgrade the seats to a higher class.
  • In the new policy, passengers with window seats can board the plane first and then middle or aisle seats.

Do you Pick Your Seats for Free on United Airlines?

Yes, you are eligible to choose the seats for free in advance. For this, there are certain conditions that you need to follow to see the complimentary seats.

You must refer to the following points for United Airlines seat selection without any fees.

  • Economy Plus passengers can access the complimentary seats to all the premier members.
  • Use the coupons or vouchers for free seating.
  • Get the random seats in the upper class for free.
  • Wait for the airlines to assign the preferred seats.
  • Pick the seats at check-in to avoid any fees.
  • Don’t add any extra perks to lower the fees.

How Much Does Seat Selection Cost on United Airlines?

United Airlines do not charge any fees for the seating at the time of reservation. You only need to pay the normal seating or reservation fees. In the preferred seating, charges can be $9 for each way, according to the destination. The United Airlines seat selection fees for other classes vary according to preferences, travel class, and necessary things.

How do you Pick your United Seats After Reserving a Flight?

Are there any alternatives for choosing seats when booking? This question comes into every passenger’s mind for the journey. One can move for the United seat selection after booking by the given points.

  • Access the United Airlines’ official website at www.united.com.
  • Choose the My Trips option from the top.
  • You can log into the account through the confirmation number and last name.
  • Tap on the show flight option under all the details.
  • Find the details of the flights to choose accordingly.
  • Select the seats as per the travel class from the menu screen.
  • You can see the seating map for seat availability.
  • Review the details and pay for the seating.
  • United Airlines shared you the confirmation to your mail.

What Happens if You Don’t Choose the Seats?

United Airlines understands the emergency situations for not selecting the seats. They assign a random seat to you as per the availability and the travel class. If you are not comfortable with the seats, you can also ask for the changes.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

How to get basic economy seats for free on United?
If you are a Gold Elite member, you can get the basic economy seats for free. However, seat selection is free for any of the classes during flight check-in.
How does seating work for United Basic Economy?
Seats are assigned to the United Basic Economy at the time of boarding. They can only get the seats at booking and cannot be changed to travel together or sit together. Airport authorities can also give you random seats.
What is a preferred seat on United Airlines?
It is just like regular economy seats that are available in front of the plane. When you select these seats, you get the seating in the first few rows after the economy plus. Airlines don’t offer the extra legroom.
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